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Artículo, un proyecto para el futuro: experiencias compartidas


Pilar Garcés-García (ed)


This book, divided into 4 volumes with 5 introductory chapters, is a synthesis of the training experiences shared in the framework of this institutional twinning project between experts from Spain, countries of the European Union, and participants from different Algerian universities.
The very fact that these experiences between experts and participants from both shores of the Mediterranean are gathered in the same book is in itself the most obvious proof that the Twinning project has taken place and that the institutional collaboration has already granted its fruit.
The digibooks starts with the interventions of the Algerian and Spanish leaders of the institutional twinning project. Meriem BEDJAOUI (Algerian Project Manager) expresses in her contribution that the twinning project is the most appropriate way to
share knowledge and exchange experiences. Pilar GARCÉS GARCÍA (Spanish Project Leader) analyses the situation resulted of COVID, which has had a great impact on this mid-term project, and examines the possibilities it has created in terms of strengthening pedagogical skills and evaluation. Antonio BUENO GARCÍA (Resident Twinning Advisor) reviewed the objectives and results of the project and agreed on its value as an innovative experience. Fatiha FERHANI (Resident Twinning Advisor Counterpart) analyses the educational methods for adults learners and innovative practices in hybrid
education. These introductory chapters give way to four volumes with differentiated

Palabras clave: Argelia, experiences, future
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Publicado 8 febrero 2023
ISBN-13 (15) 978-84-1369-353-8


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